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      What is Virtual fax?

      Fax anywhere

      Virtual fax is an online fax system that enables you to send and receive faxes directly from your email account. With faxvirtual.com you need neither a phone line nor fax machine to have a fax wherever you are. Economy, efficiency, mobility, availability, confidentiality, reliability and respect for the environment.


      How does faxvirtual.com work?

      It's very simple

      How to receive a fax?

      We assign to you a local number for your local area or we can port your current fax number and we convert it to a virtual fax number. When someone sends you a fax on your fax number, our system receives it, converts it to PDF format and sends it immediately to your e-mail.

      How to send a fax?

      You just create a new email, write the text or attach the file you want to send and enter the recipient's fax number followed by a domain which we will supply to you (95335599@inco.....)


      Why Faxvirtual.com?

      We give you several reasons:

      Unbeatable price

      Send and receive faxes for only € 2.99 / month, with no setup fees or hidden costs.

      Free portability

      So you can get your faxes online on your current fax number.


      Without a minimum engagement. You are the holder of the number.

      Because for us,
      you come first.
        Front page news

        Faxvirtual.com also offers voice services

        We offer voice services associated with your landline. Even over your current fax number, we can determine the nature of the call (voice or fax call) and manage it.
        When we receive a voice call to your virtual number we route it to the landline numbers you designate with the option of many virtual PBX facilities.

        Outstanding innovation

        Fax encryption

        Faxvirtual.com allows users who wish to encrypt their fax to ensure complete confidentiality


        Affiliated program

        Join us

        If you are a satisfied faxvirtual.com user and want to use your portal to market our services to your customers, join our affiliate program and get all the benefits.
        Our thousands of satisfied customers are our best advertisement and we want to reward them.

      • The online fax service for only 2.99 euros a month that does not require phone line, machine, toner or paper.

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